Charles Nolan is a freelance writer and poet, whose work is chiefly concerned with the problem of human meaning and how we “deal with the strange hand we’ve been dealt” without the supports previously provided by formal religion. While his work has been known to and respected by a small group of devotees for decades, he has with the publication of “The Holy Bluff”, his first full length non-fiction work, begun to seek a wider audience for his ideas. His central concept, that human illusion, the “Holy Bluff” is responsible for both the good and the harm our race has been able to do throughout its history, is explained in his book and demonstrated in his shorter work.

Charles Nolan studied for the Catholic priesthood for eight years, holds a Masters Degree in Social Work and was a full time Human Services worker for over forty years. He is the father of three and has six grandchildren. Although he has studied religion, psychology and philosophy intensively, he believes that “the meaning of your own life is too important to be left to experts” and that a clearly thought through and committed personal philosophy is a necessity and responsibility each individual needs to embrace. His work is aimed at providing ‘tools for the job, not easy answers’.

Charles lives in Philadelphia with his wife Cheryl.



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